PM Inspection

In case any health problem in your flock, you can send the post-mortem (PM) pictures of your birds to us via. the messenger or whatsApp chat bot that appears on our website. However, it would be best if you can take the recently dead or sick birds to the veterinary doctor near your location for the PM inspection. Our vet experts can help you find the veterinarian near you or suggest you on the basis of flock signs and PM pictures sent by you. Moreover, if you can reach us at our office, our vet experts would be immensely pleased to welcome you for PM inspection and further consultation of required medication. Unfortunately, reaching us may not be possible to the entrepreneurs located far from us.

What we do

  • > Help you find veterinary doctor near you.
  • > Inspect the PM pictures sent by you via our website linked messenger or whatsApp chat bot.
  • > Suggest you on the basis of flock signs and PM pictures sent by you.
  • > Do the PM inspection and consult you if you can reach us with the sick or recently dead birds.

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