Feed Formulation

For farmers who are rearing birds in bulk and can purchase the raw materials on their, our veterinarian experts can provide you the least cost feed formulation which can be very crucial in reducing their production cost. Local chicken do not have high nutrition requirement as the hybrids broiler and layer chicken have. Formulating the feed as per their lower nutrition requirement can immensely reduce the cost spend on ration and thus, can increase the profit margin. We recommend the following feed formulation for different types of birds.

Local (Sakini & Bare Necked)

Lo : 0 – 3 weeks

L1 : 4 – 8 weeks

L2 : 9 – market age

L3 : after 19 weeks (for grown up egg laying local hens)



Ko : 0 – 8 weeks

K1 : 9 – 19 weeks

K3 : 20 – 72 weeks (for grown up egg laying Kadaknath hens)




Please email to info@nlprc.com.np for further information on ration formulation.

What we do

  • >Formulate Sakini feed for different stages.

  • >Formulate Bare Necked feed for different stages.

  • >Formulate Turkey feed for different stages.

  • >Formulate Capon feed after Caponization.

  • >Formulate Kadaknath feed for different stages.

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